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✓ Reliable & Fast

✓ Cloud storage included

✓ Sync multiple devices

✓ Android, Apple, PC Compatible

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Reliable & Fast

Have you had email blocked because of spam filtering? How about email that was never received because the server was down from time to time? Leave those problems behind and make the switch to Google Apps for Business.

Cloud Storage Included

What is a cloud drive? How about 30GB worth of Google Drive space included? Each email user receives 30 GB of cloud storage that can be synced between their smartphones, tablets, or PCs. You can upgrade to unlimited drive and email space at any time.

Device Compatibility

Sync email, calendar, and cloud drive on your Android, Apple, PC devices. A host of other applications are included as well, for no additional cost.

Managed Email

Hiring a part- or full-time tech to manage your in-house email server is expensive. You may have down-time due to your ISP. We offer packages that will keep your email, calendar, and cloud storage up and running off-site at a substantially discounted rate.

Fortune 500 Companies Trust Google Apps for Business

Google, Fedex, Pearson, and Keller Williams Realty

How does Google Apps for Business increase email organization and save the company money?

  • With Google Apps for Business, your emails can be synced between your mobile devices and computer.
  • If your employees can use an iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Android Tablet, or Android Smart phone, then they can use Gmail for Business. We also offer on-site classes so that integration is easy.
  • If you do not like the Gmail interface and want to use Microsoft Outlook for PC desktops, no problem. We offer a Google software application that will sync with Microsoft Outlook seamlessly.
  • Imagine that you accidentally broke your mobile device or computer and lost all your email! Thanks to Google Apps for Business and Google Cloud, you didn’t. Since Google Apps for Business Gmail is hosted in the cloud, all you have to do is re-install the Gmail account on your replacement phone, or re-install the Microsoft Outlook App on your computer. In many situations, your files will appear in no time (depending on the amount of emails and internet connection speed).

Agencies That Trust Google Apps for Business

NOAA, Berkeley Lab, State of Maryland, City of Pittsburgh, U.S. Coast Guard Academy, Chicago Public Schools

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